November 12th, 2021


В лесу продолжают дохнуть волки

Практически полностью разумная статья в НЙТ: "Не пора уже снимать ковидные ограничения?"

For most vaccinated people in a place like Seattle or San Francisco, Covid already resembles just another virus. The risks are also low for unvaccinated children because Covid tends to be mild for them. (Plus, any child 5 or older can now be vaccinated.) For young children, Covid looks like a normal flu ...

The bottom line is that Covid now presents the sort of risk to most vaccinated people that we unthinkingly accept in other parts of life.

... with vaccines widely available and treatments increasingly so, caseloads are not as important a metric as they once were. They “are becoming less and less useful,” as The Atlantic’s Sarah Zhang has written. More telling measures are hospitalizations and deaths. ... Тhe aggregate statistics on Covid deaths and hospitalizations exaggerate the risk to most Americans, because a disproportionate share of severe illness occurs among people with specific medical vulnerabilities.

... the costs of most Covid interventions are higher. Masks inhibit communication, especially for young children and the hard of hearing. Remote school has been a failure. Remote office work hampers collaboration. Social isolation causes mental-health problems.

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