Srulik (ymarkov) wrote,

Auto Home Improvement

I replaced my 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager's rear shocks last week. The right was still mostly OK, but the left one had obviously failed:

I spent about half an hour doing that (including jacking up the car and taking it down), and it made me mad. Because the mechanic who correctly told me I needed new shocks gave me a quote for 1.5 hours.

Not only that, but at the same time he told me I need new rear stabilizer bar links. I looked their replacement procedure up in my Chrysler manual and decided that it would be easy enough to do together with the shocks. But when I got under the vehicle, I discovered that mine is a stabilizer-bar-free model. So now I have a pair of useless links I'll have to sell on E-bay.

This mechanic works at A-Z Service Station at Commonwealth and Washington in Brighton, FYI. The station gets consistenly 5-star ratings at Yelp and Citysearch for customer service... by people who have no way to tell that they're being swindled.
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