Srulik (ymarkov) wrote,

Предсказания Чарльза Мюррея на 2020

Пока не оправдались. В 2009 году он сказал:
[There is] a tidal change in our scientific understanding of what makes human beings tick. ... Within a decade, no one will try to defend the equality premise. All sorts of groups will be known to differ in qualities that affect what professions they choose, how much money they make, and how they live their lives in all sorts of ways. Gender differences will be first, because the growth in knowledge about the ways that men and women are different is growing by far the most rapidly. I'm betting that the Harvard faculty of the year 2020 will look back on the Larry Summers affair in the same way that they think about the Scopes trial--the enlightened versus the benighted--and will have achieved complete amnesia about their own formerly benighted opinions.
Это объясняет, почему борцы за социальную справедливость активно пытаются "гасить" научные результаты, противоречащие их догмам.

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